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The Active Urbanist approach

The Churchill Fellowship supports worldwide research for practical application. My travels supports the development of The Active Urbanist framework to support the adaption of sport for the city and adapting the physcial and social environment to support people's physical activity and health. The working model builds combines tactical urbanism, and community-led or asset-based approaches to place making and a flexible approach that challenges the 'anglophonic victoriana' notion of what sport should look like and how and where it should be played. 

You can find more about my travels below, or check out current drafts of my framework. If you have thoughts or can suggest examples that might fit or challenge the development of its various stages. Contact me here.  

Gym_TT_Bball .jpg


I visited the operations of street sport charity GAME in Copenhagen. I explored the progressive approach to risk management that opens up Copenhagen's harbour to swimming and streets to sport. I witnessed the inclusive placemaking approach of Superkilen, and Under the Buen and Norrebro United.


I'll be visiting the Street Sport Incubator, ran by GAME and Jordan's Ministry of Youth, and the participating young entrepreneurs. Exploring the methodology of the Block by Block Foundation, who use Minecraft in thier community-led approach to reimagining and redesigning public spaces.

Golf Urbain Balls.jpeg


How can golf be adapted for the urban environment, I  found out at the first permanent street golf course in Deuil-la-Barre. I also explored a range of basktball courts including the Pigalle Duperré court and met with with Plaine Commune to discuss the Terre des Jeux 2024 programme. 


The province of Noord Brabant is investing heavily in Urban Sport, and that's where I met CityLegends.

In Amersfoort, I met with Crackerjacks Basketball Club, who have also been supported by the Amsterdam based 3x3 Unites. Amsterdam is also home to Placemaking Europe, the Dutch partner in P.A.R.K and Parking Day for Fitness. also visited Hilversum, home of Nike EMEA, where I met Blossity who work with them on exciting city placemaking projects. 

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