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Matt Roebuck stands in front of TGOGC equipment at Valence Park
Crouweldijk traffic free play street/linear parkin Utrecht
Sepak Takraw played in downtown Yangon
Neighbourhood 'active corner' in Utrecht
Street Trampolines, Copenhagen Harbour
Bicycles at the Beach, Cadzands, Netherlands
Climbing on the canal, Merwedekade, Utrecht
'Breaking' or Dance Floor near Utrecht Centraal Station

The Active Urbanist

Putting activity back on your doorstep

Adapting sport for the city and adapting the built environment to support people's physical activity and health

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What can the Active Urbanist do for you?

Whether making formal sports facilities more accessible or making all our environments more movement-friendly, here are just some of the ways I can support you or your organisation to put accessible activity on the doorsteps of our community.

Bespoke training and toolkits

Project initiation and innovation

Advocacy - spoken & written

Insight-led policy, strategy & research

Marlboro' Grab a ball.jpeg

What makes a movement-friendly environments? How do we make sport accesible to all? I'll design training to open eyes to local potential and tools to help create change.

Looking for emergent and good practice from around the world? I'll help you identify what works and how to adapt it to make the most of your local strengths and assets.

Do you need an outside voice or written advocacy materials? I'll help you inspire or challenge audiences to prioritise activity in our environments or re-design sport to enage the inactive.

How do you deliver change? I'll help identify what parts of the system you need to build upon, influence or challenge, what steps you need to take and how to know when your successful.

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